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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

This use to be our Producer Stuntbrain's office.

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2210 days ago

This use to be our Producer Stuntbrain's office.


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ohhkt1 2209 days ago

Its so sad wait till you see it turns into the junk file room for old stuff or worse a bedroom for a poor cleanning person on the dowl.

OpeAnt29 2210 days ago

Friggin Obama!

BuseysBrain 2210 days ago

Looks like a picture of the soul of K-Rock

ladyz0e 2210 days ago

aw that rly sucks. D: Ah well, life goes on eventually. Hay at least you have some radio show and not 0 radio show at all. Alot of radio people would be envying you right now cus you still have a mic to talk from at XM.

uzbekjoe 2210 days ago

Poor Stuntbrain He is retired now with Black Earl

haller89 2210 days ago

its only a matter of time before the thirsty mice infest this place

crags 2210 days ago

Now it looks like your producer Steve's work ethic.

nycishere 2210 days ago

stuntbrain is gone; now opie and anthony can't be far behind. No ratings, no talent and no ad revenues.

ryan1_84534 2210 days ago


treefortrichard 2210 days ago

i hope they left water out for the mice

shawmang 2210 days ago

Stuntbrain's former office or the inside of Erock's head?

aholecop 2210 days ago

maybe k-rock is getting new rugs..or painting...

jackiedavala 2210 days ago

chills of the douche variety

marc_nadeau 2210 days ago

Looks roomy.

DeadDrunk 2210 days ago

damn stuntie ...thank god for XM....if I renew for a year, will you guys make the end of my term?

dryblood 2210 days ago

SB was awesome but the geniuses behind CBS radio think they know radio :(

HumpX 2210 days ago

poor stuntbrain...back to leaving business cards on the doorstep of stations.

tomt1421 2210 days ago

Good thing I still have XM. But they just fucked a lot of people stuntbrain was great on the sho. CBS sucks balls!

ClintPorter 2210 days ago

Your mom's box? Dammit

Falldog 2210 days ago

I feel bad. He brought another good element to the FM side.