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u know it's hot in Virginia when u walk to front of house and see this...so wrong. #fb

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2198 days ago

u know it's hot in Virginia when u walk to front of house and see this...so wrong. #fb


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biebergirl6697 2171 days ago

eeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GGGGGGRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

call_me_red 2195 days ago

Nice lol!

ABCaitlinnn 2197 days ago

here in australia.. we call that the 'pants down eagle rock'.
compulsary to drop your pants.

Trixi28 2197 days ago

MY EYES! OMG......wait, weren't they wearing shorts to begin with????

KromeMusic 2197 days ago

So disturbing.... haha!!

WandaMH9 2197 days ago

Too funny!!!! The guy in the black gitch is wise....is that other guy actually wearing white gitch....better not get too close with that camera! Yikes they are baggy, looks like a diaper.You need to get him some tight Calvin Kleins! lol!

CTcowgirl 2197 days ago

Wow that IS hot!!! haaa

catchingathief 2197 days ago

some one needs to buy those boys some 'summer shorts'.

thehardyrule 2197 days ago

That is just wrong

jen91481 2197 days ago

Your show was amazing and i wished you wouldn't of got sick. I waited for you with my backstage pass

suzieq82670 2197 days ago

Oh...sooooo wrong!

crystaldeedys 2197 days ago

pants on the ground pants on the ground looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!!!!!! lol thanks for the laugh dierks!!!!

shelbylee217 2198 days ago

aaahhhhh Pugsly!!! hahahahahahahaha Tiffany too funny :)

TiffanyMelissa 2198 days ago

you certainly can't call them "tighty whities," now can you?

sweegouge 2198 days ago

Hey, whatever works!! lol

bdgrant430 2198 days ago

What were they thinking?

ScrapperAngie 2198 days ago

Hopefully they remembered Grandma's rule "Always put on clean underwear!"

corgigirl 2198 days ago

OMG! I could have gone a lifetime without seeing that! lol Thanks for sharing.

Ronniestwinn 2198 days ago

thats just wrong on so many different levels

SixTwoSue 2198 days ago

That's AWESOME!!!