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I play a scientist on TV. Obsessive maker of things. Host of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.

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Umm... I think we can park here.

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1501 days ago

Umm... I think we can park here.


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sickchuck 1479 days ago

You're such an ADAM-BOMB !!

sickchuck 1480 days ago

suffering DNTT withdrawal, need more pics !!!

BtheLguy 1493 days ago

good luck

HatRackJargon 1495 days ago

You could just put a pound of explosives at the foot of the sign-no taxis, no sign, no Problem!JK:P

sickchuck 1500 days ago

It says no stopping any time, so is this a moving picture ? or is this a taxi myth? Wait, I keep trying this at home

galletaconchips 1500 days ago

.. wtf?

irapolarbear 1500 days ago

My brain hurts now...

Bampondy 1500 days ago

I think middle of the field looks good. ;)

_WolfSpirit 1500 days ago

That is fricking awesome lol

StreetSweeper24 1501 days ago

do itttttt

K0HAX 1501 days ago

it's not rocket surgery, on June 19 you're good. :)

Katsnake 1501 days ago

In the photo, June 19th is not listed in the grid. Therefore, yes, you can, but lock up your vehicle, otherwise it might not be there when you get back. LOL

Screaminweasel 1501 days ago

Sooo........ is there a balpark near?

xylotism 1501 days ago

Go ahead and park, if someone asks just tell them the sign told you to "ballpark" it.

scbritton 1501 days ago

If it's a ballpark taxi zone, are the taxis only rough approximations?

antiavenger 1501 days ago

I think that means you can park there but you should still expect to have your car towed...

black_cat_crazy 1501 days ago

0.o wtf? I'm confused

julianamollica 1501 days ago

Looks like the brazilian politics...a mess

imaguillotine 1501 days ago

Parking's getting increasingly ridiculous in Financial District and SoMA.

Draceline 1501 days ago

Wow. A sign that is actually more confusing than the oddly worded opposite side parking signs here.