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A Painting I did for the Alternative Press Art Show, its called "Tall Tales & Entrails"

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1844 days ago

A Painting I did for the Alternative Press Art Show, its called "Tall Tales & Entrails"


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xSpeakSoftx 1734 days ago

Thats fuckin sick !! You're really talented dude !

Taradise438 1804 days ago

sick!! its amazin, your just full of creativeness :)

PRIMEROESKI 1811 days ago


charchar119 1823 days ago

looks like FL to me

SubmarineMoose 1833 days ago

Are the 'entrails' acrylic paint applied directly out of the tube to the canvas??

Jejee94 1840 days ago

Thats simply amazing !

flyybella89 1841 days ago

you paint too?!?! smh too awesome mr. mccoy.

Black_iNKcorp 1842 days ago

Need ya booking info big homie...

LoveMerari 1843 days ago

wow! u are so talented it's ridiculous! :)

MollyRhyne 1843 days ago

LOVEE itt!!

ErikaGeeBby 1843 days ago

This Is amazing!

lovelylareyna 1844 days ago

Oops green boy... ;)

lovelylareyna 1844 days ago

Travie, I guess it is meant to be slightly disturbing. Blue boy...given false hope...? I mean def creative...but what is the story behind it you don't mind me asking...?

Valerie_126 1844 days ago

wow that is so cool

alhasheart 1844 days ago

thats insanely good! wow your great all around

GillianDeegan 1844 days ago

I like it! Acrylic work? You have a crazy graff should put up more images its really nice work!

Vegadys 1844 days ago

U should entitle a song or album w that name.U always makin art w sense.Wish 2 see ur show in Miami

_BrianaMichele 1844 days ago

Wow you are good. You should really get together with Alex Pardee he is also amazing.

GiaBr 1844 days ago

U always express urself through art.Only have 2 b actor & dancer, 2 hoard all artistic expressions.

AdorableAlexx 1844 days ago

stop being so talented travie! ha jk, love ya :D