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I'm Dan Schneider, of Schneider's Bakery, maker of some TV shows and movies. Victorious, iCarly, Drake & Josh, Good Burger, etc.

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BrittanyCurran 1892 days ago

Hey!!!! I worked with you on Drake & Josh!! So much fun playing Carly. xoxo

catwoman_54 2442 days ago


AwkwardSquirrel 2533 days ago

March 9 to September 19. Dayum.

thefrannyleigh 2533 days ago

It's amazing how fast time was go. This was written in March! We better enjoy it now...This means the "i don't love YOU" script will come faster than we think :P

SeddieLover123 2671 days ago

Nice!!! Give us a part of iThink they kissed please!!!

EFKimberly 2695 days ago

Cant wait to see tht episode... I can totally relate to iCook

Jennetterox 2714 days ago

I wonder witch episode this is!!!! Sounds good!!!

yaynipper 2720 days ago

Without being rude a bit, I never met anyone to use Final Draft 7. That is cool to see you use it.

OneAndOnlyMaggo 2727 days ago

lol- you need to have sam saying something like the 'your bellybutton started talking to you?!' comment in iGive away a car :P

Ralphrius 2727 days ago

This sounds like it'll be awesome.

zulaz 2728 days ago

lol awsome. Spencer running intot he school with his Robe and slippers. (hopefully Bunny ones!)

iSLYtheSpy 2728 days ago

woooahhh! COOL!

starsimmons 2728 days ago

Hey! This freaking rocks! I love the script. Are we going to be seeing this soon?