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I sing and play guitar for the Classical quartet 'We The Kings' Yes, it is fun. One day, I'm gonna be in a movie :)

Shhhh, Elvis is sleeping ;)

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1719 days ago

Shhhh, Elvis is sleeping ;)


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XOAngleXO 1687 days ago

I gave a dog named elvis

SophiaaBruce 1687 days ago

this is so cute!!!

WTKForTheWin 1693 days ago

its so cute>< the @.@

maggeronii 1704 days ago

what's going on with your hair in the back? it looks like it's up. hahhaa

HeyItsBeel 1708 days ago

Beuty *--*

HeyItsBeel 1708 days ago click in VOTAR Demi be the new quen of pop

LovinATL 1708 days ago

So cute! :)

isistureay 1709 days ago

dude, what's happening with your hair? ;|

samarahjj 1709 days ago

ooooooooooooooooooooooown *-*

Lih_Lefebvre 1712 days ago

hahahahahahahahhaha ssssshhhh how beautiful you two! <3

giseljmn 1714 days ago

okay XD shhhh O.o so cute ;D

BrokenMan_ 1714 days ago

ma come siamo sexy v.v

Nmb65x_ 1714 days ago

he is sooooooo cuuuuuuute

nesslovesbill 1715 days ago

awww Elvis is so adorable :)

ItsShantyx 1715 days ago

I love your hair!

georgiaishere 1715 days ago

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! go get urself a new hair cut that wont look so retarted

DemifactsMX 1715 days ago

MAN! I really fall in love with your hair'♥ *-*

karolsthings 1715 days ago

awwww! cute cute *-* Shhhh!

weresofaraway 1715 days ago

awnnn *-* so cute

BackToTheJulia 1716 days ago