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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

opie's eye...It's obviously time to head back to nyc...lol

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2827 days ago

opie's eye...It's obviously time to head back to nyc...lol


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aholecop 2827 days ago

moldy hair...yuk.

hotshot70 2827 days ago

did he try performing oral sex on the Lucky Charms guy? Did he taste his marshmallow surprises?

robbiethompson2 2827 days ago

Good luck bro.

robbiethompson2 2827 days ago

Opie, no matter what happens, take a camera with you and keep your friends in mind. Love the pix

Brooksi 2827 days ago

I can see it was QUITE a PARTAAAAY!!

tstlkevanilla 2827 days ago

shawmang = best comment ever. hahahaha!

csknoll 2827 days ago

Are they from that degenerate town in Long Island that shall not be named for fear of being sued?

DoinItWell 2827 days ago

They both have unique tongue form...She's more the poke/flick type while he wants u to feel it from the fat taste buds.....

moth5 2827 days ago

With all the technology that goes into digital cameras , so we as a people
could make ass's of our selves, yes my friends the human race is doomed !!

WilliamSputnik 2827 days ago

Wow, I almost thought there were no females around over there. Just drunken guys hugging.

MissLindsey420 2827 days ago

if i squint my eyes and ignore the oaf standing beside her...she kinda becomes cute.

Crinklex2 2827 days ago

Love the Downs Syndrome Twins. Ah booooo.

shawmang 2827 days ago

oompa loompa doopa de douche

Lady_Trucker 2827 days ago

She looks like she knows how to work that tongue.He has a retard tongue.

OpiesBlackberry 2827 days ago

Oh yeah thanx Op, you give us people in the sticks a life

OpiesBlackberry 2827 days ago

Beaners rule jerry, no one mowes better.

hollowasme 2827 days ago

Just think, he has to bang that tonight!

shoe_askew 2827 days ago

Mom? Uncle Ralph?

OandA_Pest 2827 days ago

Just think, she has to bang that tonight!

gian100 2827 days ago

How do I post pics from my phone????????