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A couple of my bro's at FH...brother Elmo and Brett.

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2833 days ago

A couple of my bro's at FH...brother Elmo and Brett.


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TheSmartypants 2832 days ago

Ironically when I went to view this photo there was an ad in the top right for discount printed T's. Hope things turn around for the best for you guys!

ojuditho 2832 days ago

Reverse angle...


tstlkevanilla 2833 days ago

I see you were the cute one...

ojuditho 2833 days ago

I'm the douche under the clock taking the picture of you taking the picture. How do I send you my angle of it?

StLaMere 2833 days ago

Where is ant?? Got the 12 hour flu again ??!

gendjlee 2833 days ago

Remind me, which one loves hairy pussy again? Liiiinger Loooonggeeer! Wackle Doodle! Bone Dry!

nickeldean79 2833 days ago

Ahhh Elmo is so cute!

BreezyLady 2833 days ago

Damn Brother Brett is a hottie!!!

UncleRico23 2833 days ago

UncleRico23 2833 days ago

where can i get that Wow me shirt that Elmo has on? I know you've talked about it before, but i forgot.

goodxxgirl 2833 days ago

Brett is very sexy!!!

7dirtywords 2833 days ago

Oh good the stars of the infamous bathtub story! Linger longerz

Lady_Trucker 2833 days ago

So elmo's Dad was the milkman and Bretts father the mailman?Or UPS and appliance repairman?yea I know old ducking joke.

Zeroman_ 2833 days ago

its an older shirt....but it checks out....i was about to clear them

trekker79 2833 days ago

Looks like elmo's still in the o and a t-shirt business. Is that a new shirt?

trucking_jerry 2833 days ago

i like the shirt WOW me