Kris Allen


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This picture speaks for itself.

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1497 days ago

This picture speaks for itself.


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Robertolover 1383 days ago

lol XD

ddritzenhein 1392 days ago

Too Funny

annaleeblysse 1392 days ago


BourneToFly15 1491 days ago

I found this stuff a while back in some country store. Made me spit soda all over the place laughin;)

Cali4naRizing 1492 days ago

dang, why do you always have to be so perverted kris allen. first it was the gold toilets, now this.

dancerkimberly 1496 days ago

LOL! thats sooo funny!!

zaneandhisscarf 1496 days ago


zam_akira 1497 days ago

lol!!~ i don't know which one that make me laugh the hardest..the monkey red butt or the brand name..nice one kris

haley6098 1497 days ago


NJGirl4Tay 1497 days ago

My husband uses this when he rides his motorcycle. it works!

lupin_bebop 1497 days ago

Hahahahaha.....oh wow.....

MalloryHolloway 1497 days ago

Hahahaha. Wow.

AMDRules 1497 days ago

hahahaha loves it!

Hannah_Ro95 1497 days ago


simplymorgan_ 1497 days ago

My boyfriend's dad got me some as a cheesy gift for Christmas. haha. it's good for baby powder though :D

musicalyte1 1497 days ago

I guess that is the downside of outdoor shows in the summer. It is good you found a remedy.

mbardis 1497 days ago

too funny!

annabbgood 1497 days ago

LOL! I never use that but I can now cause I really did laugh out loud. ;)

funnymonkie 1497 days ago

hmmmm.... now that is some funny stuff roight der!

KrisKansasKruzr 1497 days ago

hey hey KRIS HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!this is my chance to tell you again. i got to tell you in benton, ar but this gives me another chance. by the way i hope the cow thing goes well. rock out on your BIRTHDAY NIGHT AT YOUR CONCERT THAT NIGHT. wish i could be