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2405 days ago


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CroWn361 2398 days ago

why u holdin your tail koopa? lol

CroWn361 2398 days ago

ayy look koopa. its you haha

Jpatking 2405 days ago

here lizard lizard lizard

are_you_at_risk 2405 days ago

Whats with the Kamodo Drangon?? p.s. it does not look to happy.

Epic90 2405 days ago

shh. we aint used 2 tht sht round herre..thats why ur that cc lizardd..

Official_Kool 2405 days ago

You taking the lizard thang to far cham.

mamibutta420 2405 days ago


icehmrboss 2405 days ago

koopa ,be-careful man , this muthaflocka is shitting on u shoes man :P

DonnieDakum 2405 days ago

damn nigga lookin lyk d black steve irwin lol screw dat..i aint want no crazy ass crocodile biting ma ass off lol..u crazy koopa

Trakkillastar 2405 days ago


traclacepros 2405 days ago

you fooling my man??? you gunna have every bro. scared to fuck wit a giant lizard,, cats from here in texas gone catch wind if you pull that ho out,,lmao

juggalopookie 2405 days ago

is that a fuckin komodo dragon? wtf is it? lol

TCCJR 2405 days ago

you clownin Cham lol

mizzclassy04 2405 days ago

lol cham you is brave i be so scared haha

BOMB_aF 2405 days ago

uhn uhn ! lmao

SkinnyDee450 2405 days ago

Hahah !