Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

This outta get things moving..

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2293 days ago

This outta get things moving..


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1sineauctore 2292 days ago

It usually does for me!

Cora007xyz 2293 days ago

I found out too late today that I could have been watching the whole Tour de Suisse on 1LiveSport

Cora007xyz 2293 days ago

Lance you looked so great, strong today in Tour de Suisse. Go Lance! You can win the Tour de France again. Great Job today my Hero.

chrisberkhout1 2293 days ago

'Helmet' might do the trick too

LarryBirdy 2293 days ago

You know your music, but is Todd Rundgren present on your ipod? I suggest "A Wizard, a True Star".

Colomonster 2293 days ago


CAMMCollective 2293 days ago

The perfect get up music.... Go get em!

jonkofal 2293 days ago

do you get music over the team radio, too?

Cora007xyz 2293 days ago

Did not know the band till now. Seems to be very aggressive music, but if it makes you stronger for the fight in the Tour and against Landis than it is ok. All the Best.

bcdady 2293 days ago

"KNOW YOUR ENEMY" [commence rocking out]

percosan 2293 days ago

Hope your iPod is on Austin time ...

priebiz 2293 days ago

entire cd is very badass.

0ldblueeyes 2293 days ago

Get the angry out ^_~! and get the power back *headbang* great band!

jsto85 2293 days ago

i sure hope so.. get up front!!

CarolineChaoot 2293 days ago

love that song!

chrisgeysen 2293 days ago

: F*ck you, i won't do what you tell me !!!!

AnnaDraconida 2293 days ago

I remember when you posted a similar pic during last year's Tour. :-) I highly approve of your RATM love.

pvdheuvel76 2293 days ago

Lance knows good music! This will get you over the mountains today.

Tomezao 2293 days ago

Favourite sportsman, favorite music band !! 5*

GDHutchison 2293 days ago

Uk Christmas No1 in 2009!!!