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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

Fellow twitter @r_kelly outside the Comedy Cellar in nyc with Patrice.

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2788 days ago

Fellow twitter outside the Comedy Cellar in nyc with Patrice.


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MissLindsey420 2786 days ago

"opie, make this man let go of my dick."

jlehane3 2787 days ago

That's NOT Patrice.Patrice is a greek god compared to this guy.Patrice is over 300 lbs and like 6 foot 2" at least.Patrice would never wear that thing around his neck.Patrice hangs out on the Empire State building smashing bi-planes with Fay Wray.

Tangledweb 2787 days ago

High blood pressure, diabetes, overweight and he smokes? Good luck bro

StLaMere 2787 days ago

Wow the O&A show sure does make a person Fugly after ya been on it for a while yeck!

vicchippah 2787 days ago

bob's got that " guess i'm Pratrice's new bitch " face

Jagerman 2787 days ago

First time I've seen patrice. Does not look like the Don Juan that he paints himself as. Trisomy?

JTMagnawear 2787 days ago

ok bobby is startin to look like Jimmy now, and wow this does not look like Patrice to me....hittin the crack pipe there Patirki??

ryan1_84534 2787 days ago

ha ha ha ha

djheatherww 2787 days ago

bobby is very creepy looking skinny. he needs to be fat again. he looks like the HIV got him

PORKYYORK 2787 days ago

judging by Bawby's face, this imposter's left hand is playing doctor with him

Mongo22407 2787 days ago

That's Patrice? He got 'lighter' over the winter...

talesin 2788 days ago

bobby looks like he just met his new cell mate

jeepnut 2788 days ago

No wonder Patrice wears those fancy hats.

lingerlonger247 2788 days ago

think bawby just whispered to patrice " it's cold out here " tee-hee

MitchInTexas 2788 days ago

Bawby about to get raped

waddledoodle 2788 days ago

looks like bawby just saw the picture of sam and big a

csknoll 2788 days ago

Bob's got the typical look of us anti-Obama patriots!

dasbeermeister 2788 days ago

Vegetarianism has not been kind to Patrice.

gynecometrist 2788 days ago

That's Patrice's older brother Malice.

charliemoreno 2788 days ago

It's Bas Rutten and Biz Markie