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#Finals @Celtics Kendrick Perkins will be out with torn MCL & torn PCL  for Game 7.

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2361 days ago

#Finals Kendrick Perkins will be out with torn MCL & torn PCL for Game 7.


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WestcoveGee 2360 days ago

see ya, Perk. Now it's even. No perk no bynum. Lets go Lake Show! We played withtout bynum n 08

MSeal5510 2361 days ago

We still got Big Baby who has been killin it in the finals :D

LittleOcelotTV 2361 days ago

Not to worry Celtics fans, you'll always have Brian Scalabrine. (CHOKE)

Imdoingme77 2361 days ago

Celtics still would have LOST!! Lets go LAKERS!!!

Imdoingme77 2361 days ago

WOW! So you Celtics fans are saying that Perkins is the one that will help u win? If he was in the game

iNSANE562 2361 days ago

bOSTON SUCKS THO! LAKERS BBy. ALL THE WAY. too bad for the celtics tho, but it aint like they even had a chance!

CrazyNdHostle 2361 days ago

we still have a chance i sure bynum will not be a 100% so we still have a chance to get rebounds

MRiGerPc 2361 days ago


oooPatrick 2361 days ago

its not like Perk was dropping 20 & 10, I'm still looking forward to a tight game but #goLAKERS

tragicanon 2361 days ago

I hate this so so bad! We're so done for! We can only hope that Sheed and Baby stay upside of 15rebs each!

baySlyy 2361 days ago

good HA! #lakerswin!

Huber022 2361 days ago

That sucks, it won't be a fair game the lakers are going to kill the Celtics on thur. Oh well life sucks 4 u!