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Lucky me! Ran into @notsam and @biga614 outside the Jim Jeffries HBO taping.

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2611 days ago

Lucky me! Ran into and outside the Jim Jeffries HBO taping.


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njscoundrel 2610 days ago

Good God Man! Big A looks like the retarted spawn of Jack Nicholson's Joker & DeNiro's Jake LaMotta at the end of Raging Bull. Whoof what a disaster. Judging by the scar on his neck, it looks like he tried to hang himself too. Too bad...

jjr007 2610 days ago

If you woke up with this in front of you, you know something really awful just occurred

vicchippah 2611 days ago

only thing i can think of is " damn thats bad"

goodxxgirl 2611 days ago

Does Sam have Pigtails??

ryan1_84534 2611 days ago

big nose and baby eater

aholecop 2611 days ago

big A and his twink

VolvoPhil 2611 days ago

The song "put your head on my shoulders" comes to mind! I'm getting a douche chill

MissLindsey420 2611 days ago

why is sam's hair the consistency of a black person's? and why is my shnookums bigA so cheerful?

talesin 2611 days ago

sam looks like Carrot Bottom

WillBock 2611 days ago

Seth Green with stupid hair and perhaps, the worlds creepiest person

MitchInTexas 2611 days ago

Is this a new horror movie poster?

csknoll 2611 days ago

I'm so happy for Sam. It looks like he has finally found true love

gynecometrist 2611 days ago

Looks like one of them flosses and the other doesn't

charliemoreno 2611 days ago

It's governor bill richardson and carrot top

lingerlonger247 2611 days ago

looks like a p.s.a. ad speaking against paint chips, incest, and stem cell research. tee-hee.

witzo 2611 days ago

Sam looks like Seth Green and Ice-T had a love child in that pic.

nickeldean79 2611 days ago

Oh my goodness Sam looks silly!

Crinklex2 2611 days ago

Oh dear lord...

joeskirkie 2611 days ago

I feel so sorry for you. I'm not even trying to be funny.

dougstrom 2611 days ago

This picture makes me angry.