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OpieRadio presents a @ratknuckles production...Naked Mole Rat!

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2671 days ago

OpieRadio presents a production...Naked Mole Rat!


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spikeschilde621 2635 days ago

i love the bored look on his face

vicchippah 2670 days ago

ohhhh yimmmmie

jamesreb 2670 days ago

Looks like someone was rummaging at the Chernoble Planned Parenthood.

djheatherww 2670 days ago


jsevigny 2670 days ago

This thing looks like a talking ball bag

nneptune 2670 days ago

That's it! Those of you who mentioned it.
It DOES look like Vos! hahahaha!

benkrum 2670 days ago

Thats what Vos and Bonnies baby looked like before it came out of the womb.

rangerguy83 2670 days ago

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

nyrfan 2670 days ago

is that little jimmys dick

shawmang 2670 days ago

I'm pretty sure I shit that out this morning

teeshirtsoup 2670 days ago

Dude, I just saw those things at the Philly Zoo today. Crazy

bhypes 2670 days ago

Why all of a sudden do I have the "Naked Mole Rat" song in my head...

jojo5051 2670 days ago

Is that thing smiling?

kenschmied 2670 days ago

thats what Vos is going to look like in another 10 years or so


bcjeepguy 2670 days ago

OMG Please just FOOTSTOMP me ASAP, if I were one of those things. What is the point in life at that point.WTF does that thing do in a day! It stinks and I don't like it!
Goodday to you :)

WadeFulp 2670 days ago

Put some glasses on it and it would look like intern David.

crippledalbino 2670 days ago

I don't get it, is THAT a "Blue Heeler from Kentucky"?

rexdart936 2670 days ago

is that an ESD sonogram?

letchadan 2670 days ago

Shit i want one as a pet

truckintwit 2670 days ago

Are we having another cookoff with frenchy?lingerljfrhv