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I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

What a dish!  Hanx

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1848 days ago

What a dish! Hanx


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fredhubner1 1690 days ago

Nice pair of champignons ...

DongMarie 1741 days ago

True, very true!

carolynoneil 1744 days ago are so beautiful! And so glad that Tom knows you are the Dish.
One of my favorite movies was the cute one when you two just met? Volunteers?
and then...ok different CNN and being a dietitian I wrote the award winning (dont' w

lme126 1747 days ago

Totally, keep that look. You look hot!

tommyohanlon 1776 days ago

betty grable nice gams! haha had to

luvguru11 1809 days ago

Hanxsy very nice, very nice indeed m8.

joberaq96 1814 days ago

Rita! gosh... i agree Tom, she still got that looks... awesome! ♥

jillycord 1816 days ago

She looks like Julianne Hough's older sister.

MikeyMike5 1818 days ago

Rita - please give my wife your beauty secrets!? Or better yet, Tom let's swap!?

hamburgersteve 1828 days ago

Nice seeing a H'wood couple with staying power. Booyah!

ShereePracyFilm 1830 days ago

Woot wooooooooo. Is that how you type a wolf whistle?

elianapoloni 1831 days ago

u r so cute...u win the lotery with this one

qamonkey 1831 days ago

true that ... it is very much appreciated how your family enjoy and share your life without 'tudes

pawankbhatia 1835 days ago

you should allways have a survivol plan,good.

pepa0319 1836 days ago

Beautiful Lady

Momotarosss 1836 days ago

blond Rita ^^

MaryGoings 1839 days ago

Totally diggin the hair! Love the color on your wifey!

carolynlandry 1840 days ago

You have a hot wife.

ysbee 1840 days ago


paolacohen 1840 days ago

this woman looks GREAT what is the secret