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Stray dog. Adopted by crew member of Larry Crowne. "Scooter". Hanx

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1990 days ago

Stray dog. Adopted by crew member of Larry Crowne. "Scooter". Hanx


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Matesoul1 1860 days ago

Awww what did the crew member name him?

Joni_Girl 1862 days ago

awww!! i love it!!!!!!!!!! adorable!!

mattiedog 1887 days ago

Blessings to U & da crew member who adopted Scooter! Rock it Hanx!

WalliusMaximus 1913 days ago

Stop strangling that pup Tom Hanks....You can hire someone to do that!

TheSabrinaJohn 1952 days ago

The one who adopted this little dog has a big heart. <3

joberaq96 1956 days ago

the one who adopted this poor thing has a big heart... i love dogs too... ♥

sujatamaisuria 1962 days ago

Aww, how CUTE! uhm..are you wringing its neck?! lol

Selenaxx_ 1963 days ago

So cute!

jolasal 1964 days ago

C-U-T-E! :))

michel_popolin 1975 days ago

Poor puppy! From now on he needs to stand the paparazzies and bark his fans all the time

j1966f 1981 days ago

You have fed the puppy? The puppy very sad...

pepa0319 1981 days ago

guauu... guauuu

Nacoras 1983 days ago

Boy or girl? Scooter is wonderful name. Be happy!

pilistarsun 1983 days ago


m_god_m_dvl 1984 days ago

all stray dogs are lucky enough to beat stray humans!!

HaighSmithson 1985 days ago

Why are you strangling your dog, strange man I haven't heard.

medunklin 1986 days ago

Looks just like Buster

TZCaz 1986 days ago

Reminds me of Buster :">...

ReliegiousMarie 1987 days ago


jenandchan 1987 days ago

so cute X)♡