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Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries. Still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma...

Residents unhappy

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1807 days ago

Residents unhappy


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austrianflower 1448 days ago

))) Komisch!

vickigunner 1451 days ago


Pieceofme_Anna 1577 days ago

:)) LOL

SydneyRodrigues 1636 days ago

on some of ur pics there tht frame around it tht kinda looks like cob webs wht is tht exactly? how did it get there =P =) ?

hufflebieber 1662 days ago

haha lool

Marcyliz 1716 days ago

this goes straight to the wall at my workplace. Can imagine the employer not being very happy:-)

RaianaBais97 1728 days ago

:o...... lolz

JackieA82 1753 days ago

Fabulous. I'm so upset about BP, it's terrible how much damage has been done.

inesmackelbert 1756 days ago

Does anyone knows what application is this? PLEASE!!!

bleuet15 1759 days ago

moi j adore cette photo

NadinP85 1760 days ago

That pretty much says it all :)

victoriawiesian 1763 days ago

... BP is an oil concern(a bad one :S)

salma93 1764 days ago

Excuse me i'm egyptian. what's BP?

FlightlesDragon 1772 days ago

wow. well, its accurate atleast,
I heard that the cap is leaking...hope thats not true. :(

TheOfficialCL 1777 days ago


Millymolly27 1778 days ago

yep......coz they give a shit!!!!! NOT

Salvatore_0247 1779 days ago

Hate BP. The people who care convince me that there is still some sanity in this world.

nevrgonabalone 1780 days ago

Ugh. Stupid BP. T_T

anastasiasxo 1783 days ago

I hate BP!

diavolul13 1794 days ago

Sorry, I meant: What a fool I was.:))))))) I was too tired