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A message to your gummy friends...

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1720 days ago

A message to your gummy friends...


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coleyslaw 1719 days ago

here's what the heat at roo did to the rest of them...

808Amber 1720 days ago

OMG, will the gummie worms be next...?

valerieee_pop 1720 days ago

this looks dope!

Jaavi_Gonnzalez 1720 days ago

that looks awesome!

TraciiSam 1720 days ago

what did the gummies do to you mau5 except delight your tongue. nice colors tho :]

JohnnyC7 1720 days ago

Joel, your tweets are becoming almost as gay as BT's.

TimoV 1720 days ago

Haha, fun with Candy.

alwaysdank 1720 days ago

R.i.P gummy bears

ThatGuyFrance 1720 days ago

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bears did not stand a chance

CorrieDude 1720 days ago


KIDANTII 1720 days ago

lol your funny dood!! so see u man its gonna be amazing....for sure.

GenesisRossario 1720 days ago

Hahahaha OMG What a Tortue!!! xD

BICUnurse 1720 days ago

Is there any chance you'll be playing SW4 in the future?