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Performing some ameteur surgery @ the E3 conference :)

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1876 days ago

Performing some ameteur surgery @ the E3 conference :)


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wildscenes 1875 days ago

Licorice won't be happy about this..

KillasRacing 1875 days ago

jajajajajaja good joke

Anglikx8 1876 days ago


Jaavi_Gonnzalez 1876 days ago

damn! looks freaky but at the same time great!

twinsurge 1876 days ago

Insane hahahah

armandun 1876 days ago

hahaha i cant belive it!!! i swear to god... my bf gave me a gummy bear like this!!! with the yellow body and red head!!.. i'll take it a pic too

matthewzmartin 1876 days ago


ElectroSounds 1876 days ago

Dude... check out the game NAUGHTY BEAR just announced at E3! hilarious

ThatGuyFrance 1876 days ago

oh the old, head swap surgery.. that's talent

BradKlisurich 1876 days ago

Bear #2 looks like he is needing some Surgery too!

CarlosIDorantes 1876 days ago


GenesisRossario 1876 days ago

hahahahhaha!! xD

cstylz 1876 days ago

They taste better when you do that. Plus you get to take aggression out on something gummy.

TimoV 1876 days ago

Hahahaha, you must be very bored ..

Darkm0d 1876 days ago

Would of been great to go to E3 to see you perform! Guess I really missed out.

Solarus 1876 days ago

Now you just have to connect the 2 yellow pieces and red pieces together and everything will be ok.

DjChrisCraze 1876 days ago

I call them "Funny Bears" that would be a cool alias , Funnybear!

RichardFerreyra 1876 days ago

Deadmau5 please jumpout and start playing your music at the conference so far they are failing right now

IAmArique 1876 days ago

Makes about as much sense as Trauma Center. HEY-OHHHHHH

timmy0890 1876 days ago