Greg Grunberg


Love Bites(NBC) Group Sex(iTunes), Ex-Hero, Plt Oceanic 815, Inventor of FREE APP Yowza!!,,, Ex-CIA, Ex-Blumberg, Kirk's StepDad.

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2635 days ago


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Jt474 2267 days ago

great pic! the best Tv Series! >.

indigo_15 2277 days ago

One of the best ensemble casts on TV...ever.

gustavopereira 2387 days ago

We love all heroes.

Tea4Dong 2391 days ago

Heroes is the shiz niz.

Mary_bSb 2433 days ago

Very nice picture! great cast...!!!

Raven_MacLean 2576 days ago

second to my favorite mind reading hero, I'd have to say my favorite character is Hero. He is so adorable. He has this boyish innocence about him.

lesslee43 2578 days ago

Great cast and great writing on the show,awesome talant.cheers to your's and shows continued success.

ilikemarbles 2581 days ago

Great pic - nice to see everyone getting along for a change ;D

Merrai 2582 days ago

One of these things is not like the other...

rots 2582 days ago

totaly heroes!

DCNauta 2582 days ago

That's HEROES!!!! Love it!!!!! :-D

RocketJaz 2582 days ago

Brilliant cast! Hey, there's Ando! I love that guy!

x4ng3Lx 2583 days ago

I still can't believe they killed off Nathan!! Nathan was kinda one of my favorite characters, with the Petrelli family. He was just getting to bond more with Claire too! I can't wait until September!!

x4ng3Lx 2583 days ago

Milo (who plays Peter) and Hayden (who plays Claire) were dating in real life which probably answers that guy's post below that there's "something going on" although there has been "something going on" for a while now. But I head they recently split so..

Domi8 2583 days ago

The amazing Heroes cast I love sooooooo much!

mcdonaldjenn 2583 days ago

every time i see claire and peter theyre almost always near each other, id be safe to say they have some sort of chemistry going on....

minus369degree 2583 days ago

P.Petrelli,Ando,Claire Bear,Parkman,A.Petrelli,Dr.Suresh,Sylar,N.Petrelli,Hiro and Mr. Bennet....what more can you ask for? this is what make HEROES, this what i'm talkin 'bout!

tarynhampton 2583 days ago

In ref to the girl before me, you should see my whole extended family. Just like this crew there isn't an ugly person in the pic.

RadMandy 2583 days ago

This has got to be the most attractive cast out of every show on right now! Yowza! ;)

abegailjc 2583 days ago

That's an awesome picture! God what an ending...