Shane Carwin


I fight for the UFC and you can learn about me at Please support my sponsors and me. Check out

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1803 days ago


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kenderb 1792 days ago

Never mind the guns, look at the goddamn TV behind ya Shane! Ya must be half blind, lucky bugger.

AlonsoPerezY 1803 days ago

Wow that must be a really shitty neighbourhood

Justin_sMommy 1803 days ago

Nice!!! :)

mrtyamiro 1803 days ago

รด loco meu !

mattstrawser 1803 days ago

I didn't think home invasion would be a huge concern for you

primalforces 1803 days ago

I'd say that's 110% effective!

RoBBs172 1803 days ago

As if anyone would wanna rob you!! I'd shit my pants

Damonwells 1803 days ago

6 guns in this picture.

MMACuda 1803 days ago

Those are nice but I would prefer a 22 guage or a 30.0.06 rifel any day of the week & I dont miss!

AliMMA94 1803 days ago

That's sick.

aimeenj 1803 days ago

Nice, but you are so tough, no guns really needed :) ........well not "those" kind of guns anyway!

KitaHawaii 1803 days ago

Yeah! Nice...

DjEte 1803 days ago

shoot brock

nathanpaurini 1803 days ago

airsoft guns?