Jimmy Kimmel


The most naturally gifted athlete the world has ever seen.

...and after.   I know.  Thank you.

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1650 days ago

...and after. I know. Thank you.


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_Lummus 1646 days ago

hey those look pretty dang good (:

melissacrocker 1648 days ago

These are lovely.

dawn3566 1650 days ago

how do we know you made these, Jimmy?

Happy_Zombie 1650 days ago

Maybe Jimmy made these for #pamkittyparade ? Hope so!

johnnybibs 1650 days ago

Remember the term "Gylcemic Index", Jimmy?

Happy_Zombie 1650 days ago

I think I may just have a crush on you, Jimmy!

Sweet_T_Libra 1650 days ago

Awww man, I'm hungover & that looks like food porn to me. LOL

hmarkn 1650 days ago

Now put a KFC Double Down (2 chicken breasts, cheese n bacon) tween 2 pretzels ya got a sandwich!

Dyaus_Piter 1650 days ago

I love you Jimmie Kimble!!!! You are hilarious!

sourlikealime 1650 days ago

hell yeah :D want one plzkthx

Amy8705 1650 days ago

mmmm,,,, gimme.

yenyahh 1650 days ago