Avan Tudor Jogia


I'm avan.

I love tea in the morning\afternoon.

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1995 days ago

I love tea in the morning\afternoon.


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SimoneMoesle 1831 days ago

I don't like Chai tea in the morning but I also need as lot sugar as you :)

NiamhRoxUrSox 1836 days ago

That is ALOT of sugar!!!! LOLI don't like tea so I only drink coffee but I don't put that much sugar in!!!!!! :):) xxxx

SanjanaVenKat 1921 days ago

chai anyone?

Lexylulu365 1949 days ago

thts alot of sugar....

TrueBelieberGal 1953 days ago

u gonna get a sugar rush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KellyKellyFan10 1962 days ago

Mmmm yummy

MrzBrunoMarz 1962 days ago


JCasTClark 1984 days ago

That's alot of sugar for one cup of tea Avan lol

mutiarawr 1987 days ago

I love tea!

shaunee_c_k 1990 days ago

chai in the morning and afternoon... sounds kinda like me luv ya avan

DannyMod 1994 days ago

yumm. i love you avan

thafrogzor 1995 days ago

i would like to have some tea right now xD its 11:32 pm here, could you bring me some ? =3

_intothefire 1995 days ago

Whoah that's lots of sugar

babyyjayy 1995 days ago

i love tea any time of day:)

CassidyLovesBTR 1995 days ago

looks more like a capaccino mm i love coffee lol

jonahalyssa 1995 days ago

I'm jealous. I ran out of tea in here.

lazycheskie 1995 days ago

In my head, you're saying this in a British accent. haha. I like tea, but I'm more a coffee person

SarahWasko 1995 days ago