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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

Sitting here waiting for this to ring!!! Ring damn it!

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2731 days ago

Sitting here waiting for this to ring!!! Ring damn it!


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JamisonG 2727 days ago

You must be cheap Opie, I have that same shitty phone, it was the least expensive one at Sams Club.

baybmonkey1 2728 days ago

You know, you could use your Citadel stock assets to buy yourself a coverplate. :-)

PORKYYORK 2729 days ago

I feel honored that a millionaire's assistant purchased the same phone as myself...

70net440 2729 days ago

Nice missing cover plate on the phone jack. You're a freaking millionare for crap's sake!

Mongo22407 2730 days ago

Always have a fallback plan...Or at least an exit strategy...Besides "Your mom's box."

Hoosierdaddy44 2730 days ago

Ok. Jason Ellis just done a bit . That went waaaaay too long . Not funny!

nashhowell 2730 days ago

You know, a watched phone never rings....

cunk 2730 days ago

Post your phone number, Opie. I bet your phone will ring then.

Cosz 2730 days ago

is this just the CBS KROCK thing or is this a show in general thing?

ToddCCrawford 2730 days ago

"You can act like a man"

gumhead 2730 days ago

I hope you'll be able to pay tour phone bill in a few months

gdubcle 2730 days ago

Looks like the back phone is for your door entry. Nice setup. ;)

axxis64 2730 days ago

your mom's box

MikeLops 2730 days ago

very nice counter top u did well for a kid from Long Island

Hoosierdaddy44 2730 days ago

F'ing Iphone and my fat fingers suck.

Hoosierdaddy44 2730 days ago

Maybe super agent Bob will call Kenny first, then will have Kenny bring the new

Super agent Bob Eatman is rumored to be on his way to New York?

_ike_ 2730 days ago

I've got the same granite

Geelew 2730 days ago

I thought fancy men didn't deal with cumbersome cords. And replace the cover, too effin ghetto.

JerseyTodd 2730 days ago

a hard wired phone split with a wireless phone? How 1995!

elliot825 2730 days ago

Is this red alert for
xm or fm?