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#ThinkCure Just caught Furcal's batting glove. He threw it up to the stands in disgust.

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2418 days ago

#ThinkCure Just caught Furcal's batting glove. He threw it up to the stands in disgust.


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DwightKurt_III 2390 days ago

wow, thats cool, when I was younger I caught the Measles from the kid next to me at a Tigers game

AnteBegonja 2409 days ago

Grrr... You get batting gloves and peacocks on your backyard, and what do I get?!?!

Y_Soldatenkov 2412 days ago


scottrichardstr 2414 days ago

Nice catch, i almost cought a hockey puck once at only hockey game i went to, however ended up droping food and spilling drink on myself. expert move FTH

ChazStrummer 2417 days ago


TaterTot0073 2417 days ago

Very cool! At a Skillet concert the drummer threw her sticks and I caught one, and got it signed!

hollywoodnc1 2418 days ago

Damn...he's either got small hands OR your hands are large!? Absolutely COOL though!

cabbobby 2418 days ago

COOL ....

ElvisWeichel 2418 days ago

Thats them attitudes in la

danielmoody 2418 days ago

Awesome! Last year at spring training in Arizona I caught his wrist band.

Terry 2418 days ago

fits you like a glove

mochamandingo 2418 days ago

Only thing I ever caught was a cold...

qtcat 2418 days ago


toddmal 2418 days ago

am i the only one who see's it? he's hitting on you AM! #celebritycrushnumber14972

SLICKSSS 2418 days ago

make sure you keep it away from gibson he would chew the hell out of it LOL

aleasterling 2418 days ago

Nice catch .... now you just need to see if he will sign it :)

manny_miles 2418 days ago

All You Need is Glove..

Jonbg1 2418 days ago

You should be playing with catching skills like that. lol

aj2_lindsey 2418 days ago

That's awesome!!

musicalshowdown 2418 days ago

Way to go! Congrats! Sorry he's upset though!