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alex and brian's excellent adventure part one: disneyland.

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2152 days ago

alex and brian's excellent adventure part one: disneyland.


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tara360 2121 days ago


DaniiiDeee 2151 days ago

haha...looks like funn

Elwethe 2152 days ago

Where is the like button? That's Epic!!! xD Loving the facials there, on BOTH of you! Oh, never been to a Disneyland by the way....... >.>

BeeW36 2152 days ago

hahahaaa amazingness!!! i can't wait for more!!

hopeu2 2152 days ago

I want to go to disneyland like asap!

kassieohhh 2152 days ago

is that space mountain? AHAHA I always close my eyes at the end because I get blinded by the flash

ashleyscheller 2152 days ago

and how does your hat manage to stay on during the ride?

0tterzilla 2152 days ago

brian's facee.

SanteriaSublie 2152 days ago

Goodness, everyone is in D-Land this weekend!

ShutUpOri 2152 days ago

Omg hahaha. and am I the only one who noticed what the guy behind you is doing? xD

heygabsters 2152 days ago


tiaraparris 2152 days ago

ahahaha, Brian's face ;p

carlielovesyoux 2152 days ago

lmfao, I love you boys!

Christinaaax123 2152 days ago

HAHAHAH omg this made me laugh more than it shouldve.

ameryishere 2152 days ago

lmao, brian's facee.

laurenschroer 2152 days ago

lmfao omg x]