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opie's eye...Jim Jeffries and Rich Vos in between shows.

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2728 days ago

opie's eye...Jim Jeffries and Rich Vos in between shows.


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MitchInTexas 2726 days ago

Vos with his bugs bunny teeth

APOCartman 2726 days ago

For some strange reason I always thought Jim was black; never saw him before you twitted his pics Op

jigblahdah 2726 days ago

Via looks like Ross from friends with a meth addiction

naes 2727 days ago

jim felches...that makes him a winner in my book!

lisaannvictoria 2727 days ago

jim is cuter, plus that accent.........

barakarito 2727 days ago

jim jeffries wants listeners to pick who is better looking... he's got my vote!

kegabeer59 2727 days ago

Jeffries looks like Vos just stuck his finger up his ass...Go ahead Vos you creep smell it

KinsellaJohnP 2727 days ago

these 2 assholes should tour together! Nice double breasted mail jacket you Aussie drunk!

duckweedmafia 2727 days ago

Vos and Jeffries fucking RULED today

phlip32 2727 days ago

leave it to erock to be "that guy"

GregCat 2728 days ago

Now we know how Erock stares at his hogies.

Fat_Ironman 2728 days ago

Its Private Pyle!!!!

vicchippah 2728 days ago

jim loooks like a gay james bond

vicchippah 2728 days ago

someone photoshopped jim jeffries and rich vos's head to fat e-rocks body

ElBoltonero 2728 days ago

Sam looks amazingly like Shawn Michaels after a bad perm, oddly enough.

kitn1mcc 2728 days ago

why does voss always look creepy

shawmang 2728 days ago

fatso ruined the picture.. the toothless jew doesn't help much either.. and the mixed race thing behind them.. actually this picture is just a mess

d14mg 2728 days ago

Is that Erocks Bingo wings I see?

almirahmetovic 2728 days ago

who is girl in back my bad sam

dannybart 2728 days ago

They look like 2 gay lovers!!