Super Junior 이동해


-Super Junior- 이동해 연기 , 무대 , 버릴수 없다 ....

Thank u Good night^^

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1597 days ago

Thank u Good night^^


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naoko_sooin 1132 days ago

ahhaha tus piess ahah

loveDonghaeoppa 1154 days ago

ah ha....loving you

anhee13 1412 days ago


lo0oloo123 1451 days ago

oh~ donghae oppa I love you and I Miss you T_T دونقهي احبك ELf arab ,K.S.A O_O

kanghee_dh 1452 days ago

i'm hurt cause you...

lo0oloo123 1484 days ago

Please get more Heating , donghae oppa T_T
ELF arab ,K.S.A

0228apple 1485 days ago

東海(阿海)^^ Good Night !!

myunggiee 1494 days ago

you eating lollies at night? you're going to get really hyper at night :L

AdrianaJ9324 1497 days ago

i like your ipod case!!

lo0oloo123 1500 days ago

خقيييت وهذا هو طرف جسمك love you donghae ♥ , ELF arab

Kyo51088 1501 days ago

candy candy. i love candy.. so sweet...!!!

13AAHAE 1510 days ago

huk...? ur feet, an ipod..chocolate box and..what's that?

bomkutedkny9x 1520 days ago

nghịch quá :))))))))

nemomopeyt 1524 days ago

ahaha! tinago pa talaga kuko sa paa oh! haha SARANGHAEYO FISHIE OPPA .. >< KEKEKE

SIROELF 1528 days ago

We love you a lot


Hejoo4 1528 days ago

I love you #ArabELF KSA ♥ ♥ ♥

sujujust 1548 days ago


SweetSmile163 1564 days ago

good night too! :D

AkoDawSiPoli 1565 days ago

looks yummy... ahmmm, the food not the foot! lol

Carina376 1566 days ago

*___*?! eat?