Nick Youngquest


Aussie rugby player living in the UK. Loves to have a good time, surf and enjoy life in general!

There you go, not naked twister but alfie and I in the change room! ;)

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1872 days ago

There you go, not naked twister but alfie and I in the change room! ;)


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AndreV_ 1866 days ago

OH MY GOD. Nick Youngquest & Gareth Thomas. HALP Valei-me !!!

smokethepole 1870 days ago

Nick Youngquest is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEEFY MAN IN THE WORLD!!!! much respect studs ;) xxxxxxxxx

himasf 1870 days ago

damn!, this is so hot

PatMARTIN75 1870 days ago

Superb ! GREAT pics guys !

bradmalmberg 1870 days ago

read a great comment on towleroad - wow, 2 humans interacting with nothing to fear. who knew?

photokunstler 1871 days ago

2 of the World's Sexiest Men. Thanks 4 all the awesome tweets, lots of men's fantasies have come true :)

damien_yang 1871 days ago

You guys rock x

tkilyle 1871 days ago

dayummmm, guys, thanks :-D

dandyboi 1871 days ago

so hot!

JeremyAdkison 1871 days ago

* Faints! *

Scott_CockTail 1871 days ago

so cute. love the banter between you two on twitter.

roland69uk 1871 days ago

woof, very sexy!!!!

Marcard53 1872 days ago

Great photo, love it! You know how to look after your Twitter mates ;-)

gaz_cook 1872 days ago

Damn that is one hell of a hot pic

Ally_Huseyin 1872 days ago

aah; cute, heart-warming & ridiculously hot all at once!! Cheers Men! ; )

Ally_Huseyin 1872 days ago

aaah; cute, heart-warming & ridiculously hot all at the same time! Love it, cheers Boys! ; )

fmacpainter 1872 days ago

Beautiful & heartwarming. Camaradrie, friendship & brotherly love is a sacred gift :)

Deb2311 1872 days ago

HEELLLOOO BOYS!!!! Two gorgeous hunks. you have made my day, week, a calender for 2011 xx

sazzy69 1872 days ago

*whistles* See you haters. Not all men are homophobic. Nice one Nick .X

gurtybelfast 1872 days ago