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Staff Neurosurgeon, Emory Clinic; CNN Chief Medical Correspondent; Exec Prod/Writer of TNT's medical drama Monday Mornings

with jack kevorkian. we both went to med school at michigan. I was class of '93 and he was class of '52. watch for the intvu soon. #cnn

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1773 days ago

with jack kevorkian. we both went to med school at michigan. I was class of '93 and he was class of '52. watch for the intvu soon. #cnn


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IAmAtheist 1751 days ago

Jack Kevorkian is one of the bravest men on the planet. I share all his ideals. Excellent interview

Jilsmi 1770 days ago

Sanjay, I saw you in Sun Valley, Like what you have to say, but do not like CNN. Why do you stay with them?

Jilsmi 1770 days ago

Jack, I love that you went to jail for your view. I am with you and hope that your views on dying become the law of the land.

guidetodying 1770 days ago

I train practitioners in the Art of Conscious Dying, value the foresight of both these teachers.

napernurse 1772 days ago

A gracious way to bring attention/discussion to a much needed healthcare topic advocated by Dr. Kevorkian: when are we just delaying the impending inevitable.... & at what costs to person, family, society without regard for personal wishes? Death is not a

RoseGarden6 1773 days ago

My mother just utilized patient assisted death in Oregon yesterday. She had advanced ALS. She had the most peaceful happy death. Thank you Dr. Kevorkian and others for being fearless committed trailblazers.

ChicagoMindBody 1773 days ago

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CynBurton 1773 days ago

I have a great deal of respect for you both. : )

MARISSALATELY 1773 days ago

crazy. now that's a picture for the photo album.

geerays 1773 days ago

Whatever you may say about him, he is unique and believes in compassion.

sean28716nc 1773 days ago

wow i always wondered where he went too i have thee utmost respect for this man

Rebeccanism 1773 days ago

wow....good pic Sanjay!

patelkn2005 1773 days ago

technically, he provides an autonomous & dignified end to ones unbearable suffrage w/ respect.

RomanOnARiver 1773 days ago

He advocates a disregard for Hippocratic principles and admits to murder.