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The only 12½ Writing Rules you’ll ever need. Source: (AllPosters)

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2234 days ago

The only 12½ Writing Rules you’ll ever need. Source: (AllPosters)


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ARBIEtrary 1622 days ago

right! very nice!

felipe_vexx 1657 days ago


surreallyno 1713 days ago

I like them all but especially the 12 1/2th rule for writing :)

oh_thunderoad 1713 days ago

sweet =D

dianaveiga 1742 days ago

Joining the masses - love, love, love this! :-)

BlueEyedBru18 1742 days ago

Love this! If only I had a printer to print it out and hang up in my room.

DivyaJax 1796 days ago

Super super super

srspeakasian 1838 days ago

12½ is a good start...Keep em coming... Thx

zelhasaga 1902 days ago


ThesePoorLips 1903 days ago

I love no. 8. Thank you, that's a big relief :)

Ciphur 1908 days ago

Following rule number 12½ ---» Thanks : )

Dianamms 1917 days ago


Calliopenjo 1917 days ago


AnnCarbineBest 1918 days ago

And always have a surprise ending! I LOVE this one. I printed it--to remember. Thanks!

MadSciKat 1918 days ago

CJisThinking 1918 days ago

Words to live by

dreadreamsdiary 2038 days ago

loving this :D

sofushka79 2065 days ago

like it!

troycabida 2099 days ago

very true indeed :)

Ola_Eliwat 2160 days ago

I like... a lot!