bob saget


I like long walks on the beach...and then to be dragged through the sand by an off-road vehicle, and then hurled off a catapult.

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Boy I wish I owned this product from the Skymall catalog...

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1559 days ago

Boy I wish I owned this product from the Skymall catalog...


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ehamarsa 1558 days ago

What's the name of the company again?

MissKittenCakes 1559 days ago


kritikadhimar 1559 days ago

I saw them use this product on Ellen not too long ago. U have to make this expression called a "Surprises Puppy" which just looked like a blow up doll. Lol

MaidOfTheMissed 1559 days ago

I saw some guy with multiple traumatic head injuries wearing one of these too.

CeciVR 1559 days ago

Oooo!! xD

lparkernyc 1559 days ago

Does it come in other colors?

cheesepickles 1559 days ago

Since the brand's hair removal tool emits a "burning hair" smell, I wouldn't trust this.

jseize 1559 days ago

amazed u left your balls out of this pic. You are growing up *sniff*

zebra4567 1559 days ago

y dont u get it then

20isis09 1559 days ago

you're bob sagat you can afford it.

MsJecika 1559 days ago

Interesting... Does it come with a gun or an AK in case you decde to rob a bank?

katie_von_O 1559 days ago

you and me both

anim8ded 1559 days ago

Not worth the hype. I haven't gotten laid since I started wearing it but did get arrested at the bank.

CathTech 1559 days ago

That is pretty amazing....and only $149 to look ridiculous!