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Can you find the 5 differences?  Find them and be entered to win a @16Wishes bracelet by Jac Vanek!

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2178 days ago

Can you find the 5 differences? Find them and be entered to win a bracelet by Jac Vanek!


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CondesaD 2171 days ago

Girls earring missing,card doesnt say 16 wishes on the first pic,one stone missing on the broach,right side of shirt green on pic one, and the girl on the left is missing her purse strap on the second pic ;)

VoteAmber_L_NBT 2173 days ago


jonsapinoso 2174 days ago

Girl on left no Strap. No stone on flower, cards say 16 wishes, different sweater color, no earing! :D

GumgumBay 2176 days ago

One card doesnt say 16 Wishes
Missing Earring(right)
Different color cardigan
Missing purse strap
Brooch Jewel´s missing.
The bracelet is beautiful....

ksparkk 2176 days ago

1) Different colored cardigan. 2) The deck of cards doesn't say "16 Wishes" on left. 3) One girl is missing an earring on right. 4) The girl is missing her purse strap. 5) Missing brooch. Please pick me! This would make my day forever if I won! :) xox

lo7vee 2176 days ago

different color cardigan, earring is missing and the cards say "16 wishes" for the girl on the left. on the right, the girl is missing her purse strap and a jewel on her brooch :)

adriellebieber 2176 days ago

1.) the girl in the back is not wearing her earring anymore. 2.) a rhinestone is missing on her broach. 3.) the girl in the back is wearing a different colored cardigan. 4.) one deck of the cards is missing the "16 Wishes" decal. 5.) the girl in the front

Pink_Princess_9 2176 days ago

1. Different colored cardigan 2. One doesn't have the earring 3. One deck of cards says "16 Wishes" the other doesn't 4. One picture doesn't have purse and the other does 5. There is a jewel missing on the brooch

Hi_Im_Holly 2176 days ago

girl on the right has a blue shirt in the first pi and a purple in the second. girl on the right is wearing an earring in the first pic and not wearing one in the second. The cards have a different design. The girl on the left has a strap in the first pic

aeron02 2176 days ago

bag strap of left girl is missing - color of jacket of right girl is different - card label held by right girl is different - hair design or clip or earring of right girl is missing - flower badge of left girl missing a stone on its upper left side

BubblesBubblez 2177 days ago

the girl on the right, earing missing, different color jacket, cards say 16 wishes. girl on the left purse strap

xlizblizz 2177 days ago

The girl on the right, in the picture on the right, is wearing a purple cardigan instead of a green one, the girl on the left, in the picture on the left, is missing her purse strap, the cards on the right picture have 'wishes' added to them, the girl on

jonsapinoso 2177 days ago

1)Girl on left doesn't have a bag strap. 2)Girl on Right has a different sweater. 3) Cards say "16 Wishes" 4) The flower on left girl is missing a stone or pin 5) Girl on Right is not wearing an earring

jonsapinoso 2177 days ago

Girl on left no Strap. No stone on flower, cards say 16 wishes, different sweater color, no earing! :D

ffmartin 2177 days ago

1.Diff colour cardigan. 2.Wishes added to cards. 3.Jewel on broach. 4.Earring missing. 5.Missing strap

haleyyraee 2177 days ago

cardigan color change, missing earring, missing purse strap, no text on 5 cards, missing jewel :) :D

Tink1pro 2177 days ago

5 differences = 1. the cardigan is green in pic 1 and purple in the second picture, 2. earring in pic 1 no in the second picture ,3. there are text on the cards in the first pic and not in the second pic, 4. in pic #1 she is wearing a strap in pic number

JessieReneee 2177 days ago

1. (right girl) purple cardigan instead of green 2. (right girl) wishes added on the cards 3. (left girl) missing bad strap 4. (right girl) no orange earring 5. (left girl) missing jewel on broach

BlindOptimism13 2177 days ago

1.different coloured arm on her jacket
2.no strap for the bag
3.no earring in
4.missing jewel
5.the card doesn't say Wishes on.

kristinwilson7 2177 days ago

Different colored sleeves, wishes on the cards, no bag strap, missing earring, missing jewel :)