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Last thing drew saw before the beer took over

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1807 days ago

Last thing drew saw before the beer took over


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OnerepublicLvr 1788 days ago

I've seen this photo over ten times and I still laugh. xD It's like he meant to get the sun. xD

MelKNorman74 1806 days ago

That is a beautiful view that he saw before he zoned out with beer

joanneinabox 1806 days ago

LOL A little beer won't hurt if you get to see this beautiful view :)

1rdreamer 1807 days ago

Drew, I hope you recover for the gig :)

Anke09loves1R 1807 days ago

A nice view into the sun Drew, but you should not go to sleep now..sunburn hurts!

Willhemina1802 1807 days ago

There are a lot worse things he could have seen....such as a policeman with a warrant for his arrest

swisslady77 1807 days ago

lol :-D
love a cold beer!

MarcieRzdbe 1807 days ago


Im_Much_Better 1807 days ago

AWW Amazing!!!!! I love you!!! Jenny&Helga

Sarah_Rose88 1807 days ago

:D nice

tinyCandyholic 1807 days ago

Oh Drew!!!! ^^

martinerepublic 1807 days ago


its_simply_em 1807 days ago

LOL. That's amazing. :)

Fauryan 1807 days ago

=)) nice)) but beer unhealth))

giu_lya1R 1807 days ago

ahahaah LOL amazing! luv u Drew!!! ♥ xD

IroFromHell 1807 days ago

hahahhaahahah :D thanks for makin us laugh :):)

mtvb 1807 days ago

hahaha poor Drew!!

girlatsunrise 1807 days ago

It looks awesome :)

MsJunho 1807 days ago

hahahahahaha can't sto laughing

AnitaKokoreva 1807 days ago

Wow!Just amazing!!! :)