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From the letters page of today's Daily Mail...unbelievable! (via @uponnothing)

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2069 days ago

From the letters page of today's Daily Mail...unbelievable! (via )


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Calcote85p 1857 days ago

jt9v Hi take a look at

NemecPetr 2021 days ago

that's just disgusting, racist and xenophobic!!! England over all??? poor guy. sorry for him..

Bluetooth 2064 days ago

So what you're saying is being the victim of abuse is just the same as being the bully? Nice one...

Bluetooth 2064 days ago

... and wants the World Cup coverage to be limited to the teams "he" likes and the host. Of course he could always SWITCH THE TV OFF

Bluetooth 2064 days ago

It's both. He's classing every country he's not heard off as BONGOLAND...

NuggyLlas 2066 days ago

Dear Bumpkin, Erm, Off button, Moron! Sincerely The Silent Majority.

Tedsdog 2068 days ago

What a tw! Especially as I have an each way tenner on Bongo Bongoland...

sarithepie 2068 days ago

Oh dear :-( So *proud* to be British

HannerrBabes 2069 days ago


Dawney_44 2069 days ago

what a complete load of shite..and from a man...

phileasphil 2069 days ago

I left Yeovil 23 yrs ago but i can tell you Mike doesnt represent the majoruty of Yeovil people

wheninroam 2069 days ago

Find remote, use it, get a life...

parkysan 2069 days ago

Oh deary, deary me.....

CliveAndrews 2069 days ago

No-one's denying anyone's free speech. Just laughing at what this buffoon is saying.

wolfkin 2069 days ago

I only agree (w/the letter) if lame WC matches cut into my tv shows. If they're on the sports channel or whatever I could care less.

tmwly 2069 days ago

"having to sit through"? Get up? Change channel? Read ill informed nonsense? Go for a swim, Phelps?

wolfkin 2069 days ago

is right. even if you think the letter is atrocious the newspaper is supposed to rep various ideas, not just the socially popular ones. The world cup is HUGE. I perfectly understand not wanting every single match aired. I only agree (w/the let

SilentRio 2069 days ago

...could be worse matches to watch Mr Phelps... like Yoevil Town FC... CLICK HERE TO SEE IRONY

SilentRio 2069 days ago

seems football 'greats' Yoevil Town FC think same too copy&paste>