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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

Human Bowling Ball pic#2. Ready to get outrageous!

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2064 days ago

Human Bowling Ball pic#2. Ready to get outrageous!


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christhetrucker 2062 days ago

die get in the coffin die

badmotherrucker 2063 days ago


struff 2064 days ago

I remember listening to most of your shows on WAAF but I can't remember anything at all about this

MikeyYeahYeah 2064 days ago

Haha. Which is more Hack... This or Bra Bombs?

RonPugDog 2064 days ago


Th3N1ck 2064 days ago

those people on the right could not look more bored

rexdart936 2064 days ago

opie was a rockstar when he did this. where are your pictures of bono and cobain while bowling for duche bags.

recaptrucker 2064 days ago

naaaaht funny

tronage 2064 days ago

I'm embarased you did that... I'm sorry you did that...

teeshirtsoup 2064 days ago

... and punt.

StevenBayShore 2064 days ago

Lookin' sharp, GH...lookin' sharp.

hutsoncap 2064 days ago

oh no..

vicchippah 2064 days ago

should of stuck with spuds buckley

BHite15 2064 days ago

is that a young club soda kenny ?

bostonjack 2064 days ago

Is this how they send trainables to school in Boston?

RATTFINKSTER 2064 days ago

Who's the dude with his mule against the hamster ball.

corypennington 2064 days ago

"But seriously kids dont try this at home i am dj"

easzy8 2064 days ago

you have to be secure in yourself to post this, I commend you buddy

Lady_Trucker 2064 days ago

You're one wild n crazy guy! I was hoping to see you hanging upsidedown.

andradewm 2064 days ago

Why op?? :(