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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

Human Bowling Ball pic #1. I wanted to be liked so badly!

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2642 days ago

Human Bowling Ball pic #1. I wanted to be liked so badly!


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aholecop 2639 days ago

soul of a hack

70net440 2640 days ago

Oh! good lord! (sound of Kelsey Grammer falling)

kegabeer59 2640 days ago

Be nice Opie was demonstrating a new birthing technique

Thundersmoke 2640 days ago

which one is the supposed to be the gonad?

crags 2641 days ago

They should've rolled you into a river

Kyle_T 2641 days ago

ah boooooo

MELMAC88 2641 days ago

jesus christ that's ridiculus

almirahmetovic 2641 days ago

im canceling my xm

ryan1_84534 2641 days ago

nice legs WHITEY

TheRumorKROCK 2641 days ago

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-alex-radio-show Show will be live TONIGHT 3/6/09 EST

badmotherrucker 2641 days ago

Christ! I can't take this shit anymore.

dryblood 2642 days ago

Good thing he's wearing a helmet, we wouldn't want that creative head of his getting injured.

dryblood 2642 days ago


duckweedmafia 2642 days ago

Who wears short shorts!

tronage 2642 days ago

Makes you realy wonder what sort of pics Op is finding in these "boxes" that are just too bad to mention if he is willing to share this :/

barrytheblade 2642 days ago

There should be a man with a speculum walking into this shot at any time.

marclamington 2642 days ago

There's a radio host stranded; there's a radio host stranded.

FinPonderous 2642 days ago

I like the helmet, Op. You look like Sweetchuck from Police Academy performing in American Gladiators.

hollowasme 2642 days ago

Hmmm. Do those shorts make your vag itch? NANCY!!!!!!

bostonjack 2642 days ago

why aren't there photos from the Bra bombing? Oh wait ya made it all up.