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Danke austrian air for getting us to vienna alive!

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1492 days ago

Danke austrian air for getting us to vienna alive!


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cfaddicted 1478 days ago

Come to Brazil ? Fans would love to have you here guys ! And ME too ! HAHAHA !

Inkofmaiden 1490 days ago

and who's getting all the female attention now :(

cupcakebisou 1491 days ago


MelKNorman74 1491 days ago

I am so happy you guys made it.

AlyshaSmith 1491 days ago


mtvb 1492 days ago

yeah! danke schön austrian air! Thanks to you I could spend an awesome time with my friends ;) MISS YOU GUYS!!! ;(

Anke09loves1R 1492 days ago

ahhh, of this airline, you were probably forced to make this Advertising slogan. How much have they given you for this picture? lol xoxo hahaha :)))))

Anke09loves1R 1492 days ago

I pray constantly for a safe trip for you :)

Im_Much_Better 1492 days ago

AWWWW Pleasee come here againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASEEE IM STARTING TO MIISSSS YOUU :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((

angelamsparks 1492 days ago

Thank them from me for keeping you safe :)

roxy_1RGC 1492 days ago

wow...Ryan, these ladies really like you..but it's not surprise you know :D

era0229 1492 days ago

Come to Hungary, please :)

_Guialves_ 1492 days ago

Come to Brazil also :)

_Guialves_ 1492 days ago

ryan is in good company...LOL !

VanessaLopes_P 1492 days ago

come to Brazil

1rdreamer 1492 days ago

I see Ryan is in between the ladies, lol!

martinerepublic 1492 days ago

je peut prendre l avion avec vous ?

ana_lsf 1492 days ago


YalexisPop 1492 days ago

so cool, they come to Mexico!!!

giu_lya1R 1492 days ago

agree with the girls!! xD I found my job! LOL btw I LOVE YOU!!!