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Um can I get away from these chicks for one 4 hour flight? Answer: no

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1605 days ago

Um can I get away from these chicks for one 4 hour flight? Answer: no


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IamArcher 1600 days ago

I "Hit that" and it was not satisfying. I still have frosting on my crank.

iKeralot 1602 days ago

More like Va-Va-Vagina. They are about as kosher as a *Cheesy Gordita. *(also Kim's nickname.)

Jazzfunkdrmr 1603 days ago

Not an add for candidiasis? ok, ok i got it, mons pubis hair dye....mom's on it, right?

deeskers 1604 days ago

Oh, So this is what they serve you in First Class!!

jagcatCDt 1604 days ago

Come on, what is next? They are everywhere!

SandraDowle 1604 days ago

Who knew "skank" was a flavor?

LegnaPol 1604 days ago

yeah but those cupcakes look delish!

relle72 1604 days ago

my appetite just left......

IamArcher 1604 days ago

I'd hit that!

BridgetBadass 1604 days ago

haha XD how could you NOT?!?

littlekrissy 1604 days ago

ok there are 3 flava's we know Khloe goes for the hot chocolate...... whats your guess for the other two?

littlekrissy 1604 days ago

ahhhhhh gag! I will never eat a cupcake for as long as I live!!!!!

MDarlineD 1604 days ago

hahaha nope apparently not

actorcomic 1605 days ago

How are you eatin that and stayin slim?

crazyginni 1605 days ago

Did they have to go with the "va-va Vanilla? Plus the frostic looks suspiciously like nipples.

crazyginni 1605 days ago

Egads. They are everywhere, and annoying, but I do like to check them out. It's actually a good idea as far as people will buy that.

ElvisWeichel 1605 days ago

I wouldnt want to get away...lol

PepperCoat 1605 days ago


LCS_76 1605 days ago

The Kardashians are Kosher certified?

letbemagic 1605 days ago

lol.... :)