Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Out for 6 hours w/ Popo.

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2368 days ago

Out for 6 hours w/ Popo.


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MyPurity4God 2329 days ago

I'm gonna ask Popo to follow me, because YOU don't !! :(

Kenuel 2340 days ago

Have to say Lance I love the look of the new trek bikes

Kvitka_ 2358 days ago

look wonderful with Popo!! =))

arokalessin 2359 days ago

No casco. Mal ejemplo.

toya46 2360 days ago

Hello from Lviv (Ukraine)!!! Good luck Jaroslav and Lance.

Sport2wiN 2360 days ago

Hi popo do you remember me ? Sports Medicine Institute in Turin when you ride for Olivano Locatelli, I'm Sergio the guys that test you and your colleagues, many compliments for you career i wish you a great TdF . You have a great friend , now that i work

bijouletord 2363 days ago

TdF is yours, Lance . . . be there with you!

thomasvolckaert 2366 days ago

Ride hard lance!

BradfordDaddada 2366 days ago

Looking very trim sir! Ready for the Pyrenees I see.

renebetancourt 2367 days ago

Go Champion Lance , you're the BEST.

unitedgrey 2367 days ago

Hey Lance..... those my old shoes.......? Seriously though, lookin good!

pinkeltje68 2367 days ago

6 hours of cycling is easy! its al about the road you choose! en the speed you!
Nice pic...

PEETIEGIRL 2367 days ago

Go, Lance and Popo!! Yeah!! Radioshack!

suzzi4u 2367 days ago

Speaking of helmets, I put one, just like Lance's, at the top of my birthday list this month...actually it is the only thing on the list. Anticipation!

EarlaRiopel 2368 days ago

6 hours! Wow! Great training Lance & Popo. You 2 are tanning nicely! Good luck to the both you! :)

Veryfasteddie 2368 days ago

Great weather! Much better than in Holland. Windy and rain. At least that´s good for the workout!

ste960 2368 days ago

Go Lance , you're the BEST

gojirien 2368 days ago

Good photo for a good day.
I ride this afternoon under the rain...Bad trip.

DamonPettit 2368 days ago

Guess what they are adults, your not their mother or father. Great photo! Love the updates.

craigcatt 2368 days ago

Pedal in Amsterdam and tell me how many helmets u see. Wear what u want. Leave others alone FFS.