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Q_iilha 2135 days ago


Andy_Itzel 2154 days ago

melO? baby melOn? xD

MIKAs_lollipop 2156 days ago

is that a melon?? wow!!

Melgiine 2168 days ago

MDR Heu a se prix la c'est du Melon de luxe on a intérêt à bien le savourer hahaha -_-

soso2075 2168 days ago

150€ le melon, ben dis donc c'est cher ^^"

jhansle 2176 days ago

why is that expensive? omg!

antonella72 2177 days ago

pourquoi coute t'il si cher????? avec la crise pense t'il aux gens qui n'ont pas d'argent :-(((

mihaelac_06 2179 days ago

I eat them all the time and i like it, it's my favorite fruit, but i prefer buying it here in France :)

teamlessMari 2179 days ago

too expensive for me, better ham and melon, in any case! :) x

cocktailofblood 2179 days ago

No no, love Mellon but that's so expensive..

karenzitha_rock 2179 days ago

la planta del melon:D

ALMA_NORY 2179 days ago

and a watermelon is better not talk hahahahahaha!!!!!!

YulsMcFuls 2179 days ago

YAH, ummm...ill take half please. XD

yo_soy_esme 2179 days ago

WHAT??? It's the plant what they are sailing???
In Argentina it's like 10 dollar top!!!

IssaPenniman 2179 days ago

que miedo D:

Danitrust 2179 days ago

A white melon? never saw it before...strange

ceciliabarone 2179 days ago

My dogs love it

1Sparkly1 2179 days ago

I have one exactly like it, I even have pix like that of mine growing up,*LIES* but it's cruel to eat your own dont you think? I will sell you mine for half that price but just cos I

chiflirina 2179 days ago

For me is expensive LOL

peny_dreadful 2180 days ago

for me it's insanely expensive, I can get you more than 200 mellons for that price