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opie's eye...(Say with British accent) Sushi with wasabi!

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2876 days ago

opie's eye...(Say with British accent) Sushi with wasabi!


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thecolossus 2873 days ago

The Tuna and salmon look really nice.

RTG623 2874 days ago

Hey ladyz0e, are you kidding? could you be that stupid? It was a joke dummy!

glacierwookie 2875 days ago

that looks so good

phlydude 2875 days ago

I'm sure that board is holding all kinds of diarrhea inducing bacteria and viruses

dannybart 2875 days ago

yummy.. eel rolls and salmon and tuna seshi (english accent) blleep bloop

truckerchic 2875 days ago

If thats what rich ppl eat Ill stay broke ty

TheRumorKROCK 2875 days ago

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-alex-radio-show Show will be live TONIGHT 3/6/09 EST

shipmyshades 2875 days ago

Any interesting news on the place mat?

mlh_arb 2875 days ago

mmmmm. Good to keep that girlish figure.

ladyz0e 2876 days ago

lol rtg are you serious? Sushi is not rich man's food. You can buy it in a grocery store, silly lad.

Goofy1148 2876 days ago

Too many colors!!

bhypes 2876 days ago

omfg, that looks so fscking good... *droolz*

PORKYYORK 2876 days ago

yummy...and your breath has an alibi for a cheating heart

qaddafi 2876 days ago


RTG623 2876 days ago

What do eat sushi like every night? Must be nice, f'in millionaire.

thrwdwn 2876 days ago

I could eat sushi at every meal but, I hope this portion was just for starters

drb715 2876 days ago

Is there anything good on the place matt you can use on the show?

manselman 2876 days ago

Yummy! was that your lunch? Saashay and wasaaaba with tea...voice rises at the end of each word...or phrase.

fubex 2876 days ago


OpiesBlackberry 2876 days ago

As a southerner I've tried it, but my unsophisticated palate just doesn't get it.