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2701 days ago


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wasabi999 2698 days ago

Nikon n chips-groovy baby. I think I better go for a quiet lie down in a darkened room now.

rossmillar 2700 days ago

nice lamp!

rbleonard 2700 days ago

Ya, know chase, you are not getting any younger and that D3X looks kinda heavy....being the best friend you never met, how's about I send you my Holga and you send me the D3X...I knew you would see things my way.

nicholaslopez 2700 days ago

That thing doesn't get me nearly as excited as all the profoto gear in all the vids

erebusnt 2701 days ago

Wow. I want one (but can't afford one) for HDR panos with geotags attached (after I win the lotto)

Elijahtc 2701 days ago

I am a Canon Shooter so i don't see the big deal over a Nikon. Maybe u can send me one and show me what the big deal is bout. I would have to say the curves on that camera are quite sexy.

BrianFoose 2701 days ago

I want one. . . er... did I say WANT? I mean I "need" one :P

brnyrk 2701 days ago

Ohh wow do you get one of those free with each night's stay now?

airric75 2701 days ago

something really wrong w/my monitor, it looks like that says "Nikon"?? yuk! just kidding, don't flame me?? but 8G's man, i don't know...

Bikeracer3 2701 days ago

Handsome piece of gear! Jealous.

Ed_Goodfellow 2701 days ago

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!

dakwegmo 2701 days ago

My D70 is not worthy.

sc_yang 2701 days ago


alphashooter 2701 days ago

Where'd the packing chips come from?

fxmixer 2701 days ago

Pant, pant.

laurahana 2701 days ago

A thing of beauty!

antchagas 2701 days ago

Now if you want you can send me your old D3!!. :P

juanBONILLA 2701 days ago

is that the Air?