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Been there, been there, going there, been there, hope we're going there..... Wanna go there!

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2240 days ago

Been there, been there, going there, been there, hope we're going there..... Wanna go there!


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Jarretnel 2223 days ago

I can read your mind and I know you want to come to Bulgaria ;)))

Sarah_Rose88 2238 days ago

Wow! I hope you comes back to Bielefeld (Germany)

gabrymays 2238 days ago

I hope yo're going to Rome, Rimini, Pisa and Ancona...I suggest you those cities! ;-)
(I live in Italy next to Milan...:-D)

Gio13rock 2238 days ago

Gosh!!!they're italian cities!!
Come back to Italy guys!!!!I miss you!!
w 1R!

MelKNorman74 2239 days ago

Wow!! I am hoping one day to see you guys perform.

ladymakbet 2239 days ago

I hope this day will come and I'll see you.

ladymakbet 2239 days ago

I pray for your coming to Poland and I won't stop till you'll come. Greetings ;)

julie_rainey 2239 days ago

Hope 2 see you in Petersburg as soon as it possible ! ^___^

Fauryan 2239 days ago

hahaha!!! you will be everywhere you wish! Im sure!!!

RihsStilettos 2239 days ago

You rocked Tirana... you were great out there and definitely have to come back...

Not_Your_Whore 2239 days ago

Did u find Genard, Ryan?!?!?! LMFAo better not leave till we find him...

cyrsyca 2239 days ago

Hope to see you guys in Estonia some day.

ana_lsf 2240 days ago


Anke09loves1R 2240 days ago

I'll see you again on Monday in Recklinghausen ;D I am so happy and I am totally excited again :D LUV YA

Anke09loves1R 2240 days ago

Your fans there would be very grateful to you :)

joanneinabox 2240 days ago

you will be there, your fans need you! come to Hong Kong!!

PerriSG_penguin 2240 days ago

"everybody knows, everybody knows, where we're going yeah we're going (there)!!!" xoxo

BlinaD 2240 days ago

Tirana's the largest one :)))

gabrielletoson 2240 days ago

What about Brazil? =)

beertjeanita 2240 days ago

Utrecht, Saturday 12th!Love to see you again......