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This is where  they were cleaned...I didn't know they used Dawn Dishwashing liquid to clean them

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2331 days ago

This is where they were cleaned...I didn't know they used Dawn Dishwashing liquid to clean them


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MarshaABrady 2320 days ago

It's so sad. Did you, and team mates help clean them?

shaniej25 2324 days ago

thts messed up!

melodylori 2328 days ago

i saw the dishsaop commercial but wasnt sure they really do do it-that is awesome!thepoor animals!

karona313 2329 days ago

When will you comment on the USC sanctions.... be a man and handle your problems. Problems you caused. You need a different PR person if they are not telling you to make a public statement regarding this. Own up to your mistakes and you will be a stron

BethWms 2331 days ago

Yeah! I knew dish detergent was used often, but mama told me earlier 'DAWN' is the preferred detergent cause it cleans the birds/other animals best.

kieba1995 2331 days ago

omg i hope bp gets the oil cleaned soon cuz these poor little animals are suffering

sometimetuesday 2331 days ago

They have been using Dawn, since the Exxon oil spills year ago. At one point, they were even using Bounty. Now they are using the machine from the movie Water World that Harrison Ford helped developed to separate the oil from the water.

CarmelNGorgeous 2331 days ago

Wow! I saw the commercial but I didnt think they really did it. I hope they arnt too rough wit them

RubyisaCutie 2331 days ago

Well what did u think they use?? BTW..Congrats to u for going back with KimK...woooohoooo!!!

raydominic504 2331 days ago

u mean u never saw the commercial? but i didnt know that they REALLY do that.

MrsRagerrrr 2331 days ago

that's greeeat!!

MentionMarie 2331 days ago

Yea its a Dawn commercial were they cleaned the ducks from the oil spill.

Ms__Chocolate 2331 days ago

really??? and they still alive?