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Here are pics of the birds that were covered in oil

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1757 days ago

Here are pics of the birds that were covered in oil


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chantalobrien 1528 days ago

This is horrible! This oil spill will take at least 10 years to recover from. Poor wildlife! :(

iambella 1704 days ago


emileekatelyn 1721 days ago

ohh wow this totally breaks my heart :(

kid_zo 1745 days ago

i kno reggie i live in louisiana i see oily bird n animals all day

galique43 1747 days ago

c est vraiment degueulasse je suis ecoeuree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama2Roscoe 1749 days ago

So sad, I'm disgusted with BP

shaniej25 1749 days ago

ooh my!

RoxyElen 1752 days ago


Paper_kuttz 1752 days ago

the bogus part is, it should have been avoided; signs came clean from when it happened off Australia

JennC06 1753 days ago

So incredibly sad. I don't even have the words.

dawnathwal 1754 days ago

OMG... I wish i was there 2 wash them all. I would luv dat job,4 real> Theyre probably so confused & scared. This is to sad to watch anymore, it's time for a permanent solution to this Bulls***!

melodylori 1754 days ago

omg-so sad- someone should dunk the bp people in it and see how they like it! breaks my heart!

ChelleSteel 1754 days ago

wow...smh ;(

JennyFriedman1 1755 days ago

LMAO ! haha, go HAWKS!

dyyhard 1755 days ago

feel bad for the birds...hey btw, can you help clean up USC's football program too? you know the oil spill you helped cause?

vremax 1756 days ago

Poor things. I love animals,. That's so sad :(

missndibe 1756 days ago

this is really sad....hope nothing like this repeats itself again

Jus_Miranda 1757 days ago

This is way sad Wish I could do something 2 prevent more of these lil guys from gettin oil on them

Ko0kLa 1757 days ago

how sad!!! So they clean em and let em back out? They should take em somewhere!

julie_dang 1757 days ago