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this tour, this life, this everything is the feeling of wonderfulness and terribleness colliding

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2702 days ago

this tour, this life, this everything is the feeling of wonderfulness and terribleness colliding


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MissLujansky 2657 days ago


you even have "THE SWOOP"!!


Lisa_Furter 2667 days ago

cheer up gorgeous! Love yoooou!!

curseofthefurse 2680 days ago

Cheer up beautiful! We all love you... even if this picture makes me feel a little guilty. :S

willxkemp 2698 days ago


you're doing wonderful, amazing things, and itunes is reminding of that fact even as I type.

quent1275 2700 days ago

this makes me so upset *

AFPmademedoit 2701 days ago

It's supprisingly confronting.Please be careful with yourself, you incredable woman you. Warm hugs from shivery lil Melbourne :)

AFPmademedoit 2701 days ago

I suddenly feel guilty for wanting to see you so much... all this is the reason you get no sleep and you can't just settle down; and I'm part of that.

This is quite a beautiful image.
But I don't like seeing you sad, I really don't... It's suprisingly

foolspawn 2701 days ago

Sounds like a healthy balance to me :) Besides, can't have an Amanda Palmer without a little bit of sad from time to time :(

meaghancorbett 2701 days ago

aww you look so sad! cheer up we all love you darlingg!

mako6977666 2701 days ago

Breath Amanda!

beaki 2701 days ago

Love you child

bluealvarez 2701 days ago

At least it's not just terribleness imploding. In this life, half and half is already above average. ;)

ziggie_zertophf 2701 days ago

Take a deep breath, think of fluffy bunnies and rock your last show!
Enjoy your gig in Perth tonight and Thanks for Smoke and Mirrors, I will start reading it later today...I might be finished by the next time you are in Adelaide...god my attention span

elizabeth_SJC 2701 days ago

What I do know is we're Here and it's Now"
Love you, AFP

elizabeth_SJC 2701 days ago

Sending hugs and everything good...

"As we lie, you say : Will the world end in the night time ?
(I really don't know)
Or will the world end in the day time ?
(I really don't know)
And is there any point ever having children ?
Oh, I don't kn

YourCaptMorgan 2701 days ago

Wow that perfectly reflects my mood today. I need to see you, Erin, Katie & maybe Roger together again. Was just looking @ pics from sum 06

sillyhead 2701 days ago

Yes, this everything.

acegiak 2701 days ago

better to feel it than not *

chaynicole 2701 days ago

but we love you dearly

thraeryn 2702 days ago

Something like the first exhilarating moments of jumping off a precipice?