Third Day


Official news feed of the band Third Day New Album, MIRACLE, Available now!

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2340 days ago


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thelovegoeson 2123 days ago

Don't tell me David just climbed out of bed? Ha ha! That's awesome guys.

LaCyn 2340 days ago

By the way, whose head is that out the window? Somebody being followed? :D

LaCyn 2340 days ago

One word (multisyllabic); Zippa-dee-doo-dah! lol :D

goatkeeper7 2340 days ago

The lull before the storm!

eMSY 2340 days ago

What are you guys watching?? You both looked THRILLED! Was it regaling you with *that* story..........AGAIN??!! Sorry Mark ;o)

gratzer94 2340 days ago

Good Morning, Boys! See ya in about 6 hours! Have a good soundcheck!

Woman_of_Faith7 2340 days ago

Good morning Sunshine!!!

movington 2340 days ago

I have some jammers just like

boudle 2340 days ago

i was waiting for the shot of marks baby daughter , you look like you could use some strong coffee

sunnieM 2340 days ago

Ok David, skip the cup of joe and go straight for the QUAD SHOT. :) and have an awesome show tonight!

jtchan83 2340 days ago

Are those PJ's on David? I hope the bus rolls through a Starbucks.

rolandap 2340 days ago

funny how much you guys have grown up, I remember seeing you in a small church in Georgia when I was in my early 20's, been hooked ever since, I think that was the "Alien" album

mekiser 2340 days ago

I totally dig the song "Give Love". This song absolutely *nails* it! "Listen very closely as I sing this song...."

Hunnyfreak 2340 days ago

Looks like someone is in need of a caffinated beverage!

garywrites 2340 days ago

Thanks for sharing your awesome music and message!

Angelfan 2340 days ago

Good morning, guys! Thanx for posting these pics on Twitter! Have a great time tonight-I have a gomer friend who will be in attendance!