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Opie from opie&anthony on SiriusXM. Love making videos. Youtube channel - opieradio Also major video contributor for MyBlockNYC

opie's eye...Our good friend Jim Florentine. Star of That Metal Show on VH1.

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2669 days ago

opie's eye...Our good friend Jim Florentine. Star of That Metal Show on VH1.


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MitchInTexas 2666 days ago

saw this guy in Dallas a couple of years ago. not that funnyyy

phillyfranko 2667 days ago

Jim was cool enough to let me hang with him and Don Jamison at the Borgata Last year.B Bar.Dance Club and the Gypsy bar, had a blast

ryan1_84534 2668 days ago

great informative guy....weird voice

TheRumorKROCK 2668 days ago

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-alex-radio-show Show will be live TONIGHT 3/6/09 EST

badmotherrucker 2668 days ago

Three Jim's around, and opie shoots the unfunny one. Right idea, but next time shoot him with something you borrow from Ant.

trexx65 2669 days ago

I hate his voice.

RTG623 2669 days ago

Does his face still smell like Robin?

manselman 2669 days ago

So was he in studio or patched through the xm shit? It sounded like the latter...still nice radio and I agree a little high strung for me still f-ing funny. Good eye Op!

bjovi1fan 2669 days ago

I love his voice

BHite15 2669 days ago

looks like he is sporting the jim norton style erection

CoryChevalier 2669 days ago

Yeah I expected him to be a lot older too

pbapro2b 2669 days ago

I made a volcano, Yaaaay

Gilhool 2669 days ago

I love the Jimmy Tide/08 Sticker in the back.

WilliamSputnik 2669 days ago

His radio voice damaged my audio bass speaker

eriknc 2669 days ago

I got mail, Yaaaay

Falldog 2669 days ago

Wow, he looks so normal.

tstlkevanilla 2669 days ago

He was great on the show today!

fannimae 2669 days ago

sexy , in a ninth grade classmate sorta way......

moosc 2669 days ago

Wow thought he was older. Great show today.